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Suspicion falls on Spanish cucumbers for German E.coli deaths

Spanish cucumbers are now suspected to be the source of the deadly E.coli outbreak in Germany that has been linked to between two and four deaths and sickened hundreds more.

Bioplastics production shift presents challenge to European dominance

Global capacity for biobased materials is set for huge growth over the next few years – but challenges remain as production moves inceasingly into emerging markets, said European Bioplastics.

Special edition: alternatives to carbon heavy processes

Distillers cut carbon bill by turning whisky by-products into energy

krystal forscutt big brother bathkrystal forscutt big brother bath A group of distillers in Rothes, Scotland, began building a power plant this week that turns whisky by-products into energy and could cut total carbon emissions from the Scotch whisky industry by 6 per cent.

FSA recommends graded approach to meat inspection charges

The Food Standards Agency’s (FSA’s) Board today responded to meat industry lobbying by agreeing to recommend that ministers adopt a “tapered” approach to the introduction of meat inspection charges.

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EFSA to seek new data on aspartame; Ajinomoto remains confident from forscuttforscutt

EFSA plans to issue a public call for new data on aspartame in the coming weeks; meanwhile, producer Ajinomoto has welcomed the Commission’s request for fast-tracked reevaluation of the sweetener, saying it will give EFSA the opportunity to restate its position.

Dispatches from Vitafoods Europe 2011

DHA omega-3 may offer sports protection from

DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is the critical omega-3 fatty acid in the brain and research backs its ability to boost brain function. But can it slow the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease and help protect sportspeople against concussion?

Wirral Borough Council offered Burton's £450,000 not to crunch biscuit plant from

Wirral Borough Council says it ''left no stone unturned'' in trying to persuade Burton’s Foods not to close its Moreton biscuit factory, and even offered the company a £450,000 grant as a sweetener.

Tate & Lyle to resume sucralose production in US as demand soars from

Tate & Lyle is planning to re-start production at its mothballed sucralose plant in the US, as hot demand for the sweetener means it needs more capacity from two global sites.

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Tetra Pak looks to turn forestry waste into plastic packaging

Tetra Pak looks to turn forestry waste into plastic packaging

Tetra Pak is working with an institute in the US to explore the potential of turning forestry...

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